Help us create an impact for the future generation of the Black Diaspora by sponsoring Moonlight Centre School (located in Nairobi, Kenya), which strives to provide quality education for any student who desires it, between the ages of 14 – 21, either fully sponsored or at an affordable subsidized rate.  

Proceeds will go towards:

Sponsorship of hygiene products for all 106 female students for 1 full year. Access to hygiene products has been the number one reason for female students at Moonlight Centre either falling behind in their studies or dropping out of school.

Sponsorship of a printer and internet connection. This will enable Moonlight to offer printing services locally as a source of sustainable income.

Sponsorship of educational material for Moonlight Centre School on blockchain technology. More specifically sponsorship of copies of “Defi for the Diaspora”, laying the groundwork for exposing and educating the students about blockchain/crypto currency technology and the opportunity it provides for the diaspora.

Sponsorship of a cryptocurrency wallet for initial entry into Decentralized Finance Applications. Where students can practice the theory that they have learned, all while generating a secondary sustainable source of income for the future needs of Moonlight and their students.  

Donations can be made with a variety of payment options including cryptocurrency.


Progress last updated 2-28-2023



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