I’m a full time veteran professional (Senior Strategy Consultant) that works at one of the largest Global Energy Technology companies in the world. I am also a self proclaimed crypactivist (a term that I coined and defined), put simply focused on crypto + impact. With an intentional focus on being a crypactivist for the Black Diaspora.

Crypto Native since 2017 who’s managed to build a portfolio in the comfortable 6 figures (USD). During my time in crypto I’ve launched a crypactivist project BHM 2022 which involves (Crypto, DEFI, NFT’s, and Metaverse) view here, to make an impact on our featured charity Moonlight Centre School (located in Nairobi, Kenya).  In addition to using Web 3 technology to raise funds for the school, myself along with several others are educating these students on the Blockchain Technology.

I’ve consulted on two Master Thesis in Germany for my experience and expertise in the Crypto Space. 

1)  Business models that enable the monetization of distributed ledger technologies, the different ways of making money with Blockchain. – Berlin School of Economics and Law (Master of Business Administration Student)

2)  Blockchain Governance (RWTH Aachen University Student)

Now I want to bring this education to the masses while making an impact and enabling us to be sustainable crypactivist as a portion of the funds from the course will continue to be invested into the Diaspora.  

Simply put I want to see you make money by being properly educated and learning from my experience. You will learn all the tips and tricks I wish others had taught me to put you in a position to make money in crypto!

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